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LUCIDITY is an open-source transformational arts & music festival featuring the sickest of fine art, the dopest of musical talent, and the most stimulating of multi-sensory experiences. With a commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, community reciprocity, and personal growth, Lucidity is an opportunity to creatively & artistically co-create the festival experience of your dreams.

Created by Joshua Penman, a conservatory-trained classical composer turned electronica producer, Akara’s mystical dance-floor symphonies are songs of the luminous extra-dimensional beings, sung across the veil of reality. Filigreed and beautiful and immersive, there is nothing like Akara.Delicately fusing an enormously wide palette of musical influences, and intricately scored for a real orchestra of classical musicians who join them for larger shows, Akara brings together the exotic harmonies of Ravel and Indian classical music, the pulsating minimalism of Steve Reich and Balinese gamelan, the psychedelic production of Shpongle and Ott, and the powerful rhythms of West Coast bass music. Combined with the channeled-language light-being vocals of Femke Weidema, Akara is a deep, mystical journey into another world, a half-remembered fragment of a strange and beautiful dream

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