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LUCIDITY is an open-source transformational arts & music festival featuring the sickest of fine art, the dopest of musical talent, and the most stimulating of multi-sensory experiences. With a commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, community reciprocity, and personal growth, Lucidity is an opportunity to creatively & artistically co-create the festival experience of your dreams.

Han Walor's art moves effortlessly between the bold and the simple, between stark structure and fluid motion inviting viewers to move beyond their ordinary reality. His paintings invoke both action and reaction; coaxing the viewer into a multi-dimensional dialogue that speaks from and to the heart. His work has a layered style based on fluidity, structure and color theory. He frequently sites musical compositions, consciousness and Zen amidst urban life chaos. Hans’ most recent art, as well as his live painting, reflect his travels and entice us to open our eyes to the liminal interplay between fragility and strength.

Hans will be live painting all weekend inside the Branches Mobile Gallery and also near both stages! Come see him at Lucidity Festivals by buying your tickets here!

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