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LUCIDITY is an open-source transformational arts & music festival featuring the sickest of fine art, the dopest of musical talent, and the most stimulating of multi-sensory experiences. With a commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, community reciprocity, and personal growth, Lucidity is an opportunity to creatively & artistically co-create the festival experience of your dreams.

Lucidity Festival 2013 through the eyes of Curious Josh

Tickets to this year’s festival are officially SOLD OUT of 3-day passes online! HOWEVER, there are still a limited number of 3-day passes available at select hardcopy ticket vendors (check out locations here: http://lucidityfestival.com/hard-copy-ticket-vendors/). We also still have 2-day passes, 1-day passes, and a very select number of premium online 3-day passes that come with a high quality canvas print of this year’s Mark Goerner concept art (available here: http://lucidityfestival.com/buy-tickets/). Get ‘em while ya still can, loves!

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